Inlet Adapter for 4.5kW Compact Cab Heater

Inlet Adapter for 4.5kW Compact Cab Heater

5kw Midi Heater Front Outlet 4x 50mm 12v

5kw Midi Heater Front Outlet 4x 50mm 12v

5kw Midi Heater with Side Outlets 4x 50mm 12v

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5kw Midi Heater 12v

The 5kw Midi Heater is our new mid-sized offering, this size of heater is perfectly suited to medium sized vehicles, commercial & agricultural vehicle cabins and marine applications. The heater comes complete with a 3 speed centrifugal blower and a built in ON/OFF water valve.

All of the Midi Heater components are manufactured within the UK & Europe, we have used high quality components which ensure longevity and safe operation.

Typical weight savings over a production vehicle heating system can be in excess of 6kg.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Heat Output 5 kw 17,060 BTU
Airflow 399 m3/hr 235 cfm
Weight 2.8 kg 6.16 lbs
Hose Size ∅ 16mm ∅ 5/8"
Air Nozzle Size 4x ∅ 51mm 4x ∅ 2"
Noise Level 62 dB (Max Fan Speed) -
Voltage 12v
Current Continuous 10.5a
Fan Speeds 3 Speed with Onboard Resistor Pack
Water Valve Yes - Push to Close
Enclosure Construction Aluminium Enclosure with Black Anodised Finish
Heater Core Design Aluminium Tube & Fin
Manufacturer T7Design Ltd
Part Number with Valve 997-7AD-ED9
Part Number without Valve 0F6-1B4-8EB
Wiring Information

The heater has an integrated resistor pack offering 3 speed control; OFF 1 2 & 3. No switch is supplied with the kit, please view our range of multi position switches in our store.

Wire Colour Use
Red Wire High Speed
Orange Wire Medium Speed
Yellow Wire Low Speed
Black Wire Earth

Please ensure your supply is fused appropriately, it is recommended to use a 12 to 15a fuse and that your cable is rated higher than the fuse.

5kw Midi Heater Side Vents Dimensions
  • Please note that a corrosion inhibitor such as glycol or anti-freeze should be used to prevent corrosion and prolong the useful life of all components used in the vehicles cooling system.
  • The water valve is not a bypass design, when in the OFF position no water will flow back to the engine, therefore this heater is unsuitable for use on a vehicle which also uses the heater circuit as the engines thermostat bypass circuit. If your engine has no seperate thermostat bypass circuit then please look at our other version of this heater without water valve and also our bypass type water valves.
  • Please make sure that no foreign matter can be ingested into the fan, this is the quickest way to destroy blower motors and could potentially cause a fire. For example, this is particular important if the heater unit is installed onto or close to the floor of the vehicle. If you intend to mount this outside of the interior compartment then it would be recommended to install a filtered cover to protect the blower and ensure long operation life.
More Information
Air Hose Size 50 - 51mm (2")
Fan Speeds 3 Speed
Motor Type Brushed
Hose Size 16mm, 5/8"
Voltage 12v DC
Manufacturer T7Design