M22 x 1.5 Radiator Fan Switch Dual Stage 88-83, 92-87c

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M22 x 1.5 Radiator Fan Switch Dual Stage - 87/83, 92-88 °C

Our high-quality radiator fan switches are available with many options including single and dual stage designs, thread sizes, and a huge range of switching temperatures.

Only European manufactured switches are supplied, the switches are manufactured in an ISO registered factory and comply with all required UK & EU legislation, the switches are designed for longevity and a MTBF exceeding 1,000,000 operations.

If you are running twin electric fans, then it is recommended to use a dual stage fan switch. Dual stage, 2-stage or sequential fan switches offer many advantages over single stage switches, for example as the fans are a large inductive load they allow the fans to be brought in sequentially, thus preventing as large of a start-up current spike. Another advantage is a lower noise level and power draw when only one fan is required to keep the engine in check.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Fan 1 Temp Range ON 88, OFF 83°c ON 190, OFF 181°F
Fan 2 Temp Range ON 92, OFF 87°c ON 198, OFF 189°F
Thread Size M22 x 1.5
Connection Type 6.35 x 0.8mm (1/4") Spade Terminals
Operating Voltage 12 - 24v
Maximum Current 10a
Electrical Contact Normally Open
Mechanical Life 10^6 (1,000,000) Operations
Conformity CE Rated
Part Number 06B-C34-24C
Choosing the Correct Switch

To determine what temperature fan switch is required you first need to work out what temperature thermostat is installed in the engine. If these components aren't matched accordingly then the cooling system cannot function at optimum efficiency. For example; if the switch temp is too low then the radiator fan will be running unnecessarily and placing unwanted extra load on the electrical system, too high and you may unintentionally be allowing the engine temperature to increase beyond its designed thermal window.

If you don't know what temperature thermostat is installed in your vehicle then you may need to physically remove and inspect the thermostat. There will be a number stamped into the thermostat mounting flange (usually in Degrees Celcius), this represents the temperature at which point the thermostat begins opening. Once you have determined this number then you can then chose a rad switch that operates at approximately 10-15°c above your thermostat temp, for example if the thermostat begins to open at 78°c then it would be best to choose a switch that turns on at 88-93°c and turns off at least 5c before the thermostat is fully closed.

What's Included?

Components included in the kit and their corresponding part numbers can be found below:

Quantity Description Part Number
1x Radiator Fan Switch -
1x M22 Aluminium Crush Washer 518-0D1-F40
Dual Stage Switch Wiring Diagram
Adjustable Fan Switch for Oil Cooler

*A: Wiring the switch feed to either the Ignition Switch 'Accessory' or 'On' will ensure that the fans are unable to draw power when you are cranking the engine, another benefit is that when the engine is switched off the fans will also power down and not potentially drain the battery when the engine is not running.

*B: To calculate the correct fuse size it is recommended to add up the continuous current draw of all connected loads, multiply by 50% and then round up to the next available fuse size. For a radiator fan with a 15a continuous current draw we would calculate: 15 x 1.5 = 22.5, the closest fuse size rounded up would be 25a. Please ensure the fuses are installed as close to the battery as possible.

Calculating Cable Size: To determine your cable size it is recommended to choose a cable with a higher rated capacity than your calculated fuse, this will ensure that the fuse will blow before your wiring gets hot and potentially catches fire. From our example above, we would choose a cable size with a nominal current rating of at least 30a.

  • Please note that the switch does not have the current capacity to handle a fan directly, this switch must be used to control the fan via a relay only.
  • It is recommended installing the fan switch on the outlet/cold side of the engine radiator.
  • Ensure you chose a fan switch that is rated approximately 10-15°c higher than your thermostat opening temperature. For example if your thermostat begins to open at 78°c then chose a switch that turns on at 88-93°c.
More Information
Switch StagesDual Stage
Thread SizeM22 x 1.5
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