12v 400W Ducted Electric Cab Heater T7Design E4C-1D9-A96 Available for next day delivery from T7Design

T7Design 12v 400w Ducted Electric Cab Heater

DC3-DCE-B29 24v 800w Stand Alone Electric Cab Heater T7Design Available for next day delivery from T7Design

T7Design 24v 800w Stand Alone Electric Cab Heater

T7Design 12v 600w Ducted Electric Cab Heater

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T7Design Ducted Electric Cab Heater 12v 600w

Our new DC 12v electric heater is perfect for many applications that require a fume free and reliable heating system. These units are designed, manufactured and hand assembled by us @ T7Design Ltd.

Our heaters are designed to be safe and reliable, we have chosen high quality brand name components manufactured by the leaders in their respective fields.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Heat Output 200, 400, 600 W 682, 1365, 2048 BTU
Air Nozzle Size 2x Ø 50 mm 2x Ø 2"
Airflow 187 m3/hr 110 cfm
Min Temperature -10 °C 14 °F
Max Temperature 60 °C 140 °F
Dimensions (LWH) 207 x 125 x 150 mm 8.15 x 4.92 x 5.9"
Weight 1.42 kg 3.12 lbs
Fan Speeds Single Speed
Fan Life 70,000 Hrs @ 40°c
Noise 55 dB(A)
Voltage 12v
Current 52a Continuous, ~70a Inrush
Mounting 4x 6mm Holes Through Base
Enclosure Construction Anodised Black Aluminium Panels
Part Number 776-171-6AB

Our electric heaters have been installed in all sorts of applications including:

VW Beetle, Porsches & Other Air-Cooled Vehicles:

Perfect as a source of heating & defrosting for vehicles that have been fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system or no longer have the original exhaust based heating system altogether.

At full output this heater will draw a minimum of 51a and so it is recommended to fit an upgraded alternator to cope with the additional electrical load, if you run the stock alternator you are still able to run the heater at full output but only for a short period of time before you need to turn the heater down or turn it off entirely to allow your battery enough time to recharge.

VW Campers/Transporters & Other Converted Vans:

These units are not a replacement for Diesel or Gas powered heaters, if you need something powerful then you can't beat systems manufactured by Eberspacher, Webasto or Propex, however if you only need something to warm your interior space to take the chill out of the air for a short period of time then the electric heater will suit your requirements. At full out put this 600w heater will drain a 110a/hr leisure in battery in approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. As you can see there are pro's and con's to every type of heating system! If you are in doubt about what heating system best fits your requirements please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Design & Safety

Only the safest heating elements are used, not only is the surface of the heating element fully electrically insulated but it is also mounted within a non-conductive and temperature resistant housing. The heater elements are self-limiting which means the closer they get to their maximum temperature threshold the less current they draw and the less power is dissipated.

Without airflow the highest temperature the element can reach is approx. 285°c, this is far lower than traditional Resistive Wire which can get as 480°c and Quartz Halogen at 500 - 1500°c. Another advantage of lower operating temperatures is the increase in useful life; the less extreme running temperatures the longer component life you would expect to achieve.

In the unlikely case of a total fan failure we have included a ‘single use’ thermal fuse into our design, if the internal temperature reaches 110°c the fuse will break contact shutting off the power to the heating elements. Even so, the unit would be fine acting as a convection heater however it's wise to play it safe in case any temperature sensitive items or equipment is installed or stored within the vicinity of the heater.

12v 600w Ducted Electric Cab Heater Dimensions
  • To enable safe operation of this Electric Heater, make sure you follow basic safety principles to reduce risk of personal injury, electric shock and fire.
  • Do not use the Electric Heater in wet conditions.
  • Always check the Electric Heater wiring & terminal connections and that the fan is not blocked before use.
  • Do not open the Electric Heater if there is a fault.
  • Do not leave the Electric Heater operating when unattended.
  • When charging, the liquid in your leisure battery may bubble causing a release of gas, this is flammable so please ensure your batteries are installed in a well ventilated place and away from naked flames & sparks.
More Information
Motor Type Brushless
Fan Speeds 1 Speed
Fan Voltage 12 VDC
PTC Voltage 12 VDC
heater type Ducted
Manufacturer T7Design

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