T7Design 3.5kw Lightweight Heater with Side Vents and 2 x 32mm Outlets 12v for Classic Minis

T7Design 3.5kw Lightweight Heater with Side Vents and 2 x 32mm Outlets 12v for Classic Minis

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T7Design 3.5kw Lightweight Heater with Side Vents and 2 x 51mm Outlets 12v

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T7Design 3.5kw Lightweight Heater with Side Vents and 2 x 51mm Outlets 12v

The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater with Side Vents is our second smallest and lightest hot water-based heater after the 2.2kw Micro Heater, sacrificing a little weight for more performance this unit can be used as a more powerful defrost heater and can also provide more cabin heat. The side vents version incorporates two adjustable lower vents to blow air direct into the footwells of the cabin and 2 x 51mm (2") outlets in the top half of the enclosure for air ducting.

The heater uses a specially designed copper & brass heater core offering excellent heat transfer capabilities for its size, this is accomplished using a high flow core design, high fin density and ultra-thin wall tube.

A lightweight axial fan is used to draw air through the heater core and expel it through the outlet nozzles. The Axial fans are at a minimum 50% lighter and use 25% of the power over traditional centrifugal blowers.

The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater is ideal for use in vehicles for defrosting windscreens, or as a backup heating device for vehicles if you already have a heated windscreen. If you have a large windscreen you can connect up all outlets to feed the windscreen.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Heat Output 3.5 kw 11,900 BTU
Airflow 322 m3/hr 190 cfm
Weight 1.15 kg 2.53 lbs
Hose Size ∅ 13mm ∅ 1/2"
Air Nozzle Size 51mm 2"
Noise Level 60 dB (Max Fan Speed) -
Voltage 12v
Current Continuous / Startup 2a / 3a
Fan Speeds Single Speed
Enclosure Construction Aluminium Enclosure with Black Powdercoat Finish
Heater Core Design Copper & Brass Core with Copper Fins
Manufacturer T7Design Ltd
Part Number 28D-B3E-FC4
Wiring Information

The fan has no onboard speed control, the simplest way to operate this fan is to use an ON/OFF toggle or rocker switch. If you would like to adjust the fan speed please see our PWM fan controller.

Wire Colour Use
Red Wire +12v
Black Wire Earth

Please ensure your supply is fused appropriately, it is recommended to use a 3a fuse and that your cable is rated higher than the fuse.


The dimensioned drawing shown below is for our standard 3.5kw Lightweight Heater but shares the same overall dimensions as the side vents version.

3.5kw Lightweight Heater Dimensions
  • Please note that a corrosion inhibitor such as glycol or anti-freeze should be used to prevent corrosion and prolong the useful life of all components used in the vehicles cooling system.
  • Not suitable for use in cooling systems that run at pressure higher than 2 bar (28 psi).
More Information
Air Hose Size 50 - 51mm (2")
Fan Speeds 1 Speed
Motor Type Brushed
Hose Size 13mm
Voltage 12v DC
Manufacturer T7Design

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