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ATL 60 Litre Saver Cell - FIA Homologated

ATL 40 Litre Saver Cell - FIA Homologated

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ATL 40 Litre Saver Cell - FIA Homologated

The ATL Saver Cell is the entry level moulded plastic alloy fuel cell ideal for all forms of Motorsport where safety is the top priority. Although FIA Homologation is not required for MotorsportUK events, we always recommend a FIA Homologated fuel cell. The Saver cells can be used in either carburetted engines or fuel injected systems, however for fuel injected systems a swirl-pot or a fuel collector system will be required such as the Nuke Performance CFC Unit.

Please note, this Saver Cell listing does not come with any top plate or CFC unit. Top plates and CFC units are available separately, please see our other listings.

All ATL Saver Cells are FIA FT3-1999 approved and supplied with the appropriate FIA label.

Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd (ATL) design and manufacture world leading liquid containment devices and fluid transfer systems for Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Industry. ATL Fuel Cells are the equipment of choice for almost all motorsport manufacturers across the world. ATL Fuel Cells can be found on the entire field of LMP1, LMP2, GTE, WTCC, DTM, Super GT, BTCC, GT3 and many more.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique tough plastic alloy material (FIA Homologated ATL565).
  • FIA certified/homologated, suitable for Motorsport requirements.
  • Yellow safety foam (baffle foam) included as standard for Petrol applications (please contact us for Methanol or Diesel requirements)
  • Safe for all type of fuels, including alcoholic fuels.
Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Length 602mm 23.70"
Depth 312mm 12.28"
Height 254mm 10.00"
Weight 6.90kg 15.21lb
Fuel Capacity 40 Litre 8.80 Gallon
Fuel Compatibility Petrol, E5, E10, E85, Race Fuels, Oil, Kerosene, Avgas, JP Fuels
Material Tough Plastic Alloy (FIA Homologation No ATL-565)
Kit Contents
Quantity Description
1x ATL Saver Cell
1x Pre-Installed Safety Foam (Yellow)
2x DuckFoot Fuel Pick-Up Assembly
ATL Saver Cell Size Guide
Cell Capacity Cell Size (L x W x H) Aluminium Container Size (L x W x H)
20L 330 x 330 x 230mm 350 x 350 x 240mm
30L 505 x 305 x 224mm 534 x 326 x 240mm
40L 602 x 312 x 254mm 638 x 337 x 270mm
45L 502 x 437 x 234mm 531 x 464 x 250mm
60L 602 x 437 x 234mm 633 x 461 x 250mm
80L (A) 640 x 640 x 210mm 673 x 673 x 225mm
80L (B) 620 x 415 x 338mm 658 x 440 x 355mm
80L (C) 843 x 435 x 235mm 881 x 459 x 250mm
100L (A) 740 x 425 x 350mm 777 x 461 x 375mm
100L (B) 635 x 430 x 430mm 661 x 443 x 445mm
120L (A) 640 x 640 x 338mm 671 x 671 x 340mm
120L (B) 641 x 465 x 420mm 671 x 496 x 445mm
120L (C) 845 x 437 x 361mm 888 x 462 x 377mm
120L (D) 630 x 416 x 535mm 646 x 441 x 560mm
170L 640 x 640 x 425mm 671 x 671 x 445mm
Further Information

FIA (FT3-1999) certification.
All ATL Saver Cells have valid homologation and FIA certification for a period of 5 years. After the 5 years, these Saver Cells can be officially recertified by ATL for a further 2 years, up to a maximum of 7 years from the date of manufacture. Fuel Cells must be sent back to ATL for recertification to take place. Please note, FIA certification period starts from the date of manufacture and not the date of purchase. We consciously do not stock large numbers of each cell on the shelf for this reason, therefore manufacturing lead times may occur if the item is out of stock.

Compatibility with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit.
This ATL Saver Cell is compatible with both ATL's top plate and the popular Nuke Performance CFC Unit for ATL Fuel Cells. If you would like to purchase the Nuke Performance CFC Unit that is directly compatible with this fuel cell, please see our other listing: #150-05-203. The only modification that may be required on some Saver Cells is that you will need to slightly trim the yellow safety baffle foam.

Supplied with pre-installed Yellow Safety Foam.
Yellow safety foam, also known as baffle foam, is included as standard with this ATL Saver Cell and is suitable for petrol applications. In applications where Methanol and Diesel are used, Blue safety foam is required. Safety foam is a vital component to the safety of the fuel system and as a result it is mandated by the FIA (FT3-1999 & FT3.5-1999). Its purpose is primarily a safety product which is an explosion suppression but also serves as an excellent baffle to minimise fuel surge. For high Ethanol content fuels such as E85, the Yellow safety foam is the most suitable, however it must be regularly inspected.

'DuckFoot' fuel pick-up assemblies supplied within the Saver Cell.
As standard, a pair of fuel pick-up assemblies are pre-installed within the Saver Cell. If you have opted for the Nuke Performance CFC Unit, the fuel pick-up assemblies are not required and will simply need removing from the Saver Cell. Each pick-up assembly houses a 74-micron pre-pump sock filter within a plastic 'DuckFoot' shaped shroud. A 60cm length of AN06 (-6) hose is used to connect the filter and shroud to a AN06 (-6) fuel outlet fitting (usually located on your fuel cell's top cover plate). Each pick-up assembly is supplied as follows: 1x 74-micron sock filter, 1x AN06 (-6) 'DuckFoot' shroud (holds a body of fuel around filter), 1x 60cm AN06 (-6) fuel hose and 1x AN06 (-6) Female PushLok fitting (for attaching to any AN06 / -6 male fitting).

Containing the Saver Cell for FIA and MotorsportUK (MSUK) regulations.
To comply with FIA and MSUK regulations, Saver Cells must be installed within an Aluminium container - unless the Saver Cell is separated by a bulkhead of a suitable material (Aluminium, Steel, Kevlar or Carbon-Fibre). All ATL Saver Cell containers are manufactured from 1.6mm thick Aluminium, feature Stainless Steel quick release clips for easy installation/removal. You can use your preferred method to mount the container to the body or floor of the vehicle. Please Note: It is not recommended for customers to build their own alloy containers without consulting ATL, as any sizing issues may invalidate Saver Cell warranty.

  • This Saver Cell listing does not come with any top plate or CFC unit. Top plates and CFC units are available separately, please see our other listings.
  • All fuel cells experience some swelling when subjected to fuels (approx. 2-4% linear), therefore allow 4 weeks of fluid contact for Racells and Saver Cells bladder dimensions to stabilise. To comply with FIA regulations, Racells and Saver Cells must be installed within an Aluminium container.
  • We would recommend checking your Motorsport regulations to see if FIA Article 253 (Appendix J) applies regarding the installation of a FIA fuel flapper and FIA vent valve.
  • FIA certification period starts from the date of manufacture and not the date of purchase.
More Information
Fuel Cell Type Saver Cell
Fuel Cell Capacity 40L
Fuel Cell Material Plastic Alloy
Fuel Cell FIA Homologation Yes
With CFC Unit No
Manufacturer ATL (Aero Tec Laboratories)

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