T7Design | AT Power Honda K20/K24 Belt Driven Dry Sump System Exhaust Mount - Black

AT Power Honda K20/K24 Belt Driven Dry Sump System Exhaust Mount - Black

AT Power Honda - K20/K24 - Integrated Dry Sump System - Black

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brand ATPower

AT Power Honda - K20/K24 - Integrated Dry Sump System

AT Power's unique Honda K20/K24 Integrated Dry Sump System is designed to prevent engine oil starvation (surge) due to G-force levels experienced during race conditions, lowering engine oil temperatures, and freeing up more of a race engines potential horsepower.

This product features a high efficiency Gear-Pump Pressure Stage with two positive displacement G-rotor Scavenge Stages which are internally gear driven by the existing K20 (OEM) Oil Pump Drive Chain, eliminating the need for any external drive belts as seen on the traditional belt driven Dry Sump Systems. The Integrated Scavenge Pumps simultaneously draws (Scavenges) the aeriated oil directly from the Sump Pan into a remote oil tank increasing the engines overall oil capacity.

With the oil being drawn (Scavenged) directly from the engine crankcase pressures are reduced minimising the oil drag on the crankshaft and lowering Piston resistance which in turn improves the engines horsepower. The fully Integrated Scavenge Galleries between the Dry Sump Pan and Oil Pump reduces the quantity of vulnerable external oil pipes and potential oil leak paths along with the additional installation costs of external oil pipes and hose fittings.

This product features AT Powers high-quality Billet machined low-profile Oil Pan/Oil Pump assembly with Turbo drain feature and integrated 3-Stage high efficiency dual ported billet machined oil pump, featuring an externally accessed pressure relief valve (PRV) for ease of tuning and adjustment. This compact design also eliminates any front-end packaging issues in the engine bay and eliminates any risk of a drive belt failure.

With the addition of an Oil Cooler, the system will reduce Oil temperatures and improve the durability of a race engines life, providing the optimal installation for the serious Honda racers.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated Scavenge Pumps
  • High Efficiency Gear-Pump Assembly
  • OE Chain Driven eliminating need for external belts
  • Minimised Oil Drag and Reduced Piston resistance improves horsepower
  • Reduced Oil Lines minimises risks of leaks
  • Billet Machined Low Profile Oil Pan
  • Integrated Turbo Drain
  • External Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Length 463.4mm 18.24"
Height 121.4mm 4.78"
Weight 10.6kg 23.369lb
Engine Compatibility K20A, K20A2
Material Billet Aluminium Hard Anodised Black

Kit Contents
Quantity Description
1x AT Power Honda Integrated Dry Sump System
1x Installation Guide
Further Information
Product Field Testing

AT Power has developed and tested this product with Duxe Engine Works in Belgium who installed this system onto a Honda K20 engine and carried out durability dyno testing on their rolling road.

The vehicle was put through over ten hours of dynograph testing programs before the vehicle was then entered into the seasons 10 FIA European Auto-Cross Champioship race meetings. The engine was tested up to 9500 RPM and showed good oil pressure throughout the rev range.

The oil pressure curves mirrored the RPM of the engine very closely and showed the pressure continuing to still rise at 9500 RPM. After rigorous field testing the Dry Sump System was then removed and returned to AT Power's headquarters for a full strip down and inspection of all component parts.

Inlet geometry is an area critical to engine performance, the way in which the airflow passes through the internal passages of the throttles, over the butterfly valve, and into the inlet port, will make a significant difference to the power output and fuel efficiency of an engine. This is an area in which AT Power has invested significant R&D to provide the optimal solution. Combined with precision CNC machining, AT Power can manufacture small, lightweight throttles offering the same performance as a much larger system. Upon inspection, there was no visible or measurable signs of wear to any component parts.

  • This is a motorsports product and should only ever be installed by a professional motorsport company.
  • This Dry Sump system is suitable for use with K20/K24 engines with a maximum Crankshaft stroke of up to 100mm.
  • K24 engine applications will require the removal of the (OEM) Oil Pump/Balance Shaft assembly and the existing K24 Oil Pump Drive Chain will require replacement with a standard K20 (OEM) Oil Pump Drive Chain.
  • To complete your installation, we also offer ancillary supporting parts including Dry Sump Oil Tanks and Oil Pump Fittings.
More Information
Manufacturer ATPower

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