SPAL Radiator Fan - 12" (305mm) Push VA10-AP70LL-61S 1292cfm

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VA10-AP70LL-61S - SPAL Electric Radiator Fan - 12.0" (305mm) PUSH

SPAL Automotive is a well renowned designer & manufacturer of high quality automotive electric radiator fans, founded in 1959 they have since become the supplier of choice for many high volume & specialist automotive manufacturers throughout the world. SPAL Automotive have extensive design, testing and manufacturing facilities that allow them to produce consistent high quality products that can withstand the most demanding conditions.

SPAL Axial Fan Motors are IP68 rated, this protection offers the highest stability, durability and lifelong performance for motors used in extreme working conditions. All IP68 certified SPAL motors are Water Proof which means they are completely sealed and therefore protected against ingress of solid and liquid agents.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Airflow Max 2190 m3/hr 1292 cfm
Weight 2.35 kg 5.17 lbs
Blade Diameter ∅ 305mm ∅ 12.0"
Housing Diameter ∅ 335mm ∅ 13.19"
Depth ∅ 87.6mm ∅ 3.45"
Voltage 12v
Current Continuous 12.6 - 14.3a
Power Consumption 151.2 - 171.6w
Fan Type Push
Motor Type High Performance, Long Life (Typically 10,000 hrs MTBF)
Protection IP68 Certified
Warranty 36 Months
Manufacturer SPAL Automotive
Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001
Part Number VA10-AP70LL-61S
Fan Mounting

SPAL fans can be mounted in various ways, the fans have bolt holes & slide-in mounting flanges around the circumference of the housing. The most popular method is by using the Bracket & Strap mount, the straps are made from powder-coated steel and are approximately 200mm long, for most applications the are long enough to reach mounting flanges on the top, bottom or sides of the radiator. Other mounting brackets are available in lengths of 20, 30 and 60mm.

Due to the weight of this fan it is advised against installation using a through-core fan mounting kit.

Wiring Information

As standard, the SPAL fan is supplied with a 2 Pin Female connector only, please see below for the correct part numbers for the male connector and recommended terminals.

Wire Colour Use Recommended Wire Size
1x Red +12v 2.5mm² (10 SWG)
1x Black Earth / Ground 2.5mm² (10 SWG)
Plug Type PN Connector PN Terminals Manufacturer
Female (supplied) 180908-0 42098-2 AMP
Male (not supplied) 180907-0 5-160446-5 (1 - 2.5mm²) AMP

We also carry a wide range of automotive wiring products such as relays, fuses, terminals, cable, switches & more.

VA10-AP70LL-61A Dimensioned Drawing
Q & A

Q: Should I buy a SPAL fan?

A: SPAL have been around since 1959 and are the go-to manufacturer for OEM's and the aftermarket for ultra-reliable and high performance fans and blowers, their products are built to last. When a manufacturer offers a 36-Month warranty on their products then you know it's good quality. Buy it once, buy SPAL.

Q: What fan size should I chose?

A: Go for the biggest fan you can fit, if you have a slim and long radiator then it may be best to run twin fans, especially in warmer climates.

Q: Standard, Standard Plus, High Performance & Brushless Motors?

A: Most SPAL fans are available with Standard, Standard Plus and High Performance motors that operate at a higher RPM and flow proportionately greater amounts of air, a higher electrical consumption and greater noise level are the trade-offs. Even though the blade and housing depth doesn't change for the more powerful motors, they are thicker and more room is required to install the fan.

Brushless Motored fans offer variable fan speed via PWM signal, they offer the highest waterproof rating (IP6K9K) and the longest service life of 30,000 hrs MTBF. Usually only very specialist applications warrant these features.

Q: Which motor type should I chose?

A: The standard fans are fine for most applications, this is the type that we run on most of our projects here at the shop. For cars that are running extra thick radiators with air conditioning, turbo intercoolers or transmission coolers it is recommended to move up to a more powerful motor over the standard type. Remember that rad fans also help keep engine bay temps in check.

Q: How do I control the fan?

A: We recommend wiring them up to be activated using a temperature sender in your vehicles cooling system, a toggle switch is not recommended as you may forget to turn it on at the proper time - plus this is one less thing to worry about!

Q: Can the fans run in reverse?

A: Technically yes, you will not damage the motor running the fan in reverse, however the blades are optimised to run in one direction only and you will be sacrificing efficiency and airflow by not running the fan the correct rotation. The brushless fans cannot be run in reverse, you will damage the motor by reversing the polarity.

Q: Push or Pull?

A: Push fans sit in front of the radiator and push air through the core, Pull fans sit behind the radiator (usually the engine side) and draw air through the core.

SPAL Push or Pull
  • Prior to purchase please double check that you are ordering the correct voltage and air flow direction for your application.
  • No mounting brackets are included, please see our shop or store for our full range of fan mounting options.
More Information
Motor TypeHigh Performance
Max Airflow2190m3/hr (1292cfm)
Blade Diameter305mm (12")
Fan DirectionPush
Housing Diameter335mm (13.19")
Fan Depth87.6mm (3.45")
Current12.6 - 14.3a
Electrical Consumption151.2 - 171.6w
Weight2.35kg (5.17lbs)
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