We design and manufacture many of our own electric and water based heater systems not only for the general public but also OEM customers, if you have a special requirement that one of our off the shelf systems cannot fulfil then please get in touch with your requirements.

We have a passion for design and engineering and when we not working on our own projects we are happy to help with personal projects, whether that be 3D Design, Scanning or Printing. Please see our services below and let us know if there is anything we can help with!


3D Design

We use a variety of 3D design software to design and develop products. We are able to produce simple 2D engineering drawings or plans, STL files for 3D Printing or full 3D assemblies for complex parts.


3D Scanning

We have a commercial grade 3D scanning solution which enables us to scan and fully digitise parts to be reverse engineered or for designing parts for fitment around specific constraints. Our 3D scanning solution is a relatively new addition to our toolbox and will primarily be used for developing vehicle specific heater systems. We will be using the 3D scanner to digitise original heater systems and surrounding areas to build a full 3D model, the scanner will pick up all mounting holes original pipework locations and any potentially interfering parts. This greatly reduces the number of prototypes that need to be fabricated shortening both development time and cost.


3D Printing

3D Printing Service Examples of previous 3D Printed parts for customers and for T7Design.


T7Design run a workhorse of the industry for our 3D Printing needs, the Stratasys 1200 SST 3D Printer allows us to pretty much print anything that can fit within a 10 x 10 x 12" volume. The Stratasys 3D Printer is used for making custom HVAC vents, adapters, outlets, prototypes, assembly tooling and much more. We also offer 3D Printing as a service for customers whom require prototype parts for testing fitment or design. If you require any of the above services please don't hesitate to get in touch with your requirements.

If you would like to find out some more information please visit our 3D Printing website:


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