A/C Wiring Information

The wiring diagram below only applies to the A/C components that we have available to purchase through our online store. If you have purchased components from elsewhere we cannot guarantee this diagram will apply.

Air Conditioning Wiring Diagram
Automotive AC Air Conditioning Wiring Diagram
Air Conditioning Wiring Notes

On the Rotary Fan Switch the output ‘C’ is live only when speed 1, 2, or 3 is selected, this ensures the AC ON/OFF switch is not live if the HVAC blower is not operating.

If you would like to run a separate adjustable interior thermostat then this would need to be run in series between the AC ON/OFF’s switch ‘ACC’ wire that runs to the Anti-Freezing Thermostat.

We would always recommend running a Trinary Pressure Switch over a Binary Switch as it gives an extra level of safety for the AC system.

Single wire AC Compressors earth through the body of the compressor, so please ensure that it has a good connection through the mounting bracket and through the engine to earth.

It is recommended to earth the Fan relay through the trinary switch rather than the supply side.

If you are unable to use a separate condenser radiator fan due to space constraints, and your AC condenser is situated immediately in front of the engines radiator then you can wire up the system to trigger the main engine radiator fan in addition to its primary function. Please see wiring below for how to integrate the engines radiator fan through the trinary pressure switch.

The fan switch from the diagram can be removed if a dedicated Condenser Radiator fan is being used.

  • Please consult an automotive auto-electrician if you are not confident with automotive wiring.