Heater Fan Switch with Rotary Knob (2, 3 & 4 Pos)

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Heater Knob, 2 Position Switch
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Heater Knob, 3 Position Switch, Connector & Pins
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Heater Knob, 4 Position Switch, Connector & Pins
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Product Description


Heater Fan Switch with Rotary Knob.

A high quality rotary control knob to fit a range of multi position switches. These control knobs are made from injection moulded ABS plastic with a soft rubber textured outer, situated in the middle of the knob is a chrome covered logo. These are perfect for customers whom desire a period or classic looking rotary control switch.

A terminal connector is included only with the 3 and 4 position switches, these connectors help maintain a fully insulated & secure connection for heavy duty/high vibration environments.

Other Information:

  • Suitable for both 12v up to 20a & 24v up to 10a.

  • 1.5 - 2.5mm² Female Terminals supplied with 3 and 4 Pos Switches.

  • 1.5mm² cable is recommended for axial fans.

  • 2.5mm² cable is recommended for centrifugal fans.

  • Connection 'C' is live when in any on position, this can be used for a warning light or to operate the AC so that it can only operate when the fan is switched on

  • D-shaft diameter = 0.25".

  • D-shaft flat = 0.156".

  • Knob diameter = 1" (25.4mm).

  • Knob depth = 0.9" (22.9mm).

Switch Type Thread Size Thread Length Terminal Block Pos.1 Pos.2 Pos.3 Pos.4
2 Position 7/16-28 0.285" Not Available None B + C - -
3 Position 7/16-28 0.285" Included None B + H + C B + L + C -
4 Position 7/16-28 0.360" Included L + H B + L + C B + M + C B + H + C

2 Pos Switch Dimensions:

2 Position Heater Fan Switch

3 Pos Switch Dimensions:

3 Position Heater Fan Switch

4 Pos Switch Dimensions:

4 Position Heater Fan Switch



  • Please note that no connector block is available for the 2 Position Switch, the cables will have to be fitted directly to the spade connections on the back of the switch.

  • These switches are only compatible with fans & blowers that have onboard resistor packs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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