12v 600w Ducted Electric Cab Heater

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Our new DC 12v electric heater is perfect for many applications that require a fume free and reliable heating system. These units are designed, manufactured and hand assembled by us @ T7Design Ltd.

Heater Specification:

  • 12v DC
  • 61a
  • 200, 400 & 600w Output
  • 1.42kg (3.14lbs)
  • 186 m3/hr (110cfm) air flow
  • 55dB Noise Level
  • High quality, long life single speed ball bearing fan (50,000hrs MTBF)
  • 2x 50mm (2") outlets for ducting air
  • 110°c (230°f) Thermal Cut Out
  • Safe PTC heating element
  • Designed & Manufactured by T7Design Ltd in the UK

Our heaters are designed to be safe and reliable, we have chosen high quality brand name components manufactured by the leaders in their respective fields.


Design & Safety:

The fan type used has a huge 50,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failure), this equates to excellent durability and life span.

Only the safest heating elements are used within our heater, not only is the surface of the heating element fully electrically insulated but it is also mounted within a non-conductive and temperature resistant housing. The heater elements are self-limiting which means the closer they get to their maximum temperature threshold the less current they draw and the less power is dissipated.

Without airflow the highest temperature the element can reach is approx. 285°c, this is far lower than traditional Resistive Wire at approx. 480°c and Quartz Halogen at 500 - 1500°c. Another advantage of lower operating temperatures is the increase in useful life; the less extreme running temperatures the longer component life you would expect to achieve.

In the extremely rare case of a total fan failure we have included a ‘single use’ thermal fuse into our design, if the internal temperature goes over 110°c the fuse will break contact shutting off the power to the heating elements. Even so, the unit would be fine acting as a convection heater however it’s wise to play it safe with a thermal fuse in case any temperature sensitive products or equipment is installed or stored within the vicinity of the heater.

All of these components are wired together using high temperature, tinned copper wire finished with F type crimp terminals and insulated where required.


Wiring Considerations:

The heater is supplied with approx. 2ft of Earth cable and 4 power wires terminated on the outside of the enclosure with a 4 pole terminal block. Your cable gauge should be at minimum 3mm2 feeding each of the 3 power wires. 10mm2 (16mm2 Recommended) should be the minimum cable size from the positive batt terminal to the heater.

We recommend F type uninsulated wiring crimps as they offer a much higher quality connection and longevity than the traditional Red/Yellow/Blue standard automotive terminals.

There is one large earth and 3 coloured wires for each element within the heater, this unit can be wired to give 200, 400 & 600w outputs along with independent fan control.

Please mount this unit as close to the battery or alternator as possible, 12v is awfully inefficient for high power transmission and so it is important to keep cables big and short to reduce resistance as much as possible.

Make sure the supply is appropriately fused.

It is good practice to route high power cables on their own and with a gap between them and any other wires, this will help to keep them as cool as possible.

Please consult a qualified auto electrician if you have any doubts about any aspect of your installation.


Installation Notes:

The electric heater should be installed in a dry and enclosed space, out of the way of any stray objects that could potentially damage the wiring, casing or fan.


Safety Notes:

To enable safe operation of this Electric Heater, make sure you follow basic safety principles to reduce risk of personal injury, electric shock and fire.

Do not use the Electric Heater in wet conditions.

Always check the Electric Heater wiring & terminal connections and that the fan is not blocked before use.

Do not open the Electric Heater if there is a fault.

Do not leave the Electric Heater operating when unattended.

When charging, the liquid in your leisure battery may bubble causing a release of gas, this is flammable so please ensure your batteries are installed in a well ventilated place and away from naked flames & sparks.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Airflow 186m3/hr (110cfm)
Electrical Consumption ~610w
Noise Level 55dB
Weight 1.42kg (3.14lbs)
Type Ducted
Voltage 12v
SKU 776-171-6AB

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