5kw Midi Heater 4x Outlet 12v

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T7Design’s 5kw Midi heater is our new mid-size offering, this size of heater is perfectly suited to medium sized vehicles, commercial & agricultural vehicle cabins, marine applications and many more that we haven’t thought of yet!


  • ·         2.25kg (4.95lbs).
  • ·         12v / 5.9a / 71w.
  • ·         3 Speed Fan via internal resistor pack.
  • ·         300m3/hr (175cfm) Airflow.
  • ·         2.5mm Thick aluminium case construction.
  • ·         16mm (5/8”) Hose connections.
  • ·         Aluminium Heater Core.
  • ·         ON/OFF Water Valve – Cable operated.
  • ·         4x 51mm (2”) Air Outlets.
  • ·         Designed & Manufactured by T7Design.

Our 5kw Midi Heater has been designed with flexibility in mind, we offer numerous components to suit a variety of applications. The unit can be configured with many different fan options, air outlet sizes, electric or cable air valves and heater core orientation.

Fan Options:

1.       190cfm 1 Speed Axial Fan – Perfect for low electrical consumption applications.

2.       175cfm 3 Speed Centrifugal Blower – Perfect for short air ducting routes.

3.       235cfm 3 Speed Centrifugal Blower – Perfect for medium air ducting routes.

4.       320cfm 3 Speed Centrifugal Blower – Perfect for long & complicated air ducting routes.

5.       All of the above are available in both 12v and 24v.


Outlet Panel Options:

1.       Single 76mm (3”) outlet panel.

2.       Single 102mm (4”) outlet panel.

3.       Four outlet panel with 4x 51mm (2”) outlet ducts

4.      Blanking plates.

5.       Cable operated air valves.

6.       Electrically operated air valves, 12 & 24v compatible.

Other Considerations:

1.       The heater core can be installed with the water connections facing eitehr toward or away from the fans.


All of the Midi Heater components are manufactured within the UK & Europe, we have used high quality components which ensure longevity and safe operation.

We are able to manufacture custom heater systems with a minimum order quantity of 10pcs or more, we have at our disposal 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, 3D Design and Fabrication equipment allowing us to produce high quality and cost effective solutions for your HVAC requirements.



 I.            This heater is not available without the water valve.

II.            The water valve is not a bypass design, when in the OFF position no water will flow back to the engine, therefore this heater is unsuitable for use on a vehicle which also uses the heater circuit as the engines thermostat bypass circuit. If your engine has no thermostat bypass circuit you have two options: (A) Retrofit a thermostat bypass water circuit though not always possible, or (B) clamp the valve on the heater fully open so it cannot move and then install or use the original heater bypass valve.

III.            This is not a stand-alone heater system; you will need to provide a hot water supply by plumbing your heater to your vehicles engine cooling system or a hot water heater manufactured by companies such as Eberspacher, Webasto or Mikuni.

IV.            This is not a complete kit. We would recommend the following additional items: 4 Position Fan Switch, Rotary Heater Control Knob, Bowden Cable, Water Hose, Air Ducting, Air Vents etc. We can supply all parts mentioned above and more. We do not offer packaged kits as everybody’s requirements are different and there are never two installations the same!

V.            Please make sure that no foreign matter can be ingested into the fan, this is the quickest way to destroy blower motors and could potentially cause a fire. For example, this is particular important if the heater unit is installed onto or close to the floor of the vehicle. A filtered cover may be required to protect the blower and ensure long operation life.

VI.            Don’t be afraid to get in touch with any questions no matter how trivial!


Additional Information

Additional Information

Airflow No
Electrical Consumption 71w
Air Hose Size 50 - 51mm (2")
Noise Level 59dB
Weight 2.25kw (4.95lbs)
Voltage 12v
Water Hose Size 16mm (5/8")

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